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Beach Vibes Dog Harness & Leash Set

The only thing missing from this vibrant dog harness and leash set is the actual sand and water from the beach. The Beach Vibes bundle is the best way to flaunt your style with matching accessories. Harness Features Designed with comfort in mind - Custom printed neoprene fabric on the front with breathable mesh High-quality accessories - Contains a secure chest buckle with a sturdy D-ring with the ability to support any type of leash Focus on safety - Reflective material embedded onto the harness to keep you and your dog safe when walking your dog in the morning or at night Easy-on and off - Easy to adjust neck straps and an easy release buckle Available Sizes - XSmall to Medium Leash 5ft long leash with durable D-ring to connect the waste bag holder A sturdy metal clasp that connects to the D-ring on the back of the harness Handle contains a soft, neoprene inside to make your walks more comfortable and enjoyable Waste Bag Holder Poop bags included Strong clip that clasps onto the metal D-ring on the dog leash Easy-open zipper to replace the poop bags Sizing When measuring your pooch's chest, measure directly behind their front legs. You can also reference our size chart.

USD $52.99
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